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Our story

Brand owner Kelly Kasper 

So little bit about my upbringing, me and my mum moved to England as we struggle to get by when I was 9 years old, I didn't speak any English. I could only say the bare minimum which was 'hello' 'how are you'. I found it super difficult to understand English as it's a hard language to learn, I remember coming home to my mum from primary school crying because I couldn't understand anyone. I soon learned English by watching TV and just by being at school. My mum has done a lot for me, I mean she moved to a whole different country for me to have a better life, it's only until you get older that you realize and fully appreciate your parents. I think that's just crazy! So I think I owe her everything and always wanted to give back which is where most of my motivation comes from I think.

Little facts about me..... I am now 24 years old and speak English fluently with a Yorshire accent that I had no idea I had until others pointed it out to me. I love animals and have a pet named Tommy, who is just too precious. I am also quite tall 5ft 8. I enjoy exercising and staying active as it helps me mentally as well as physically. Now lets get a little insight of sultry.....


At Sultry Lash Bar our mission is to provide lashes that appeal to each and every person in their own unique way by offering a variety of styles to suit all. What we value the most is being an inclusive brand. By providing the highest quality lashes, we hope to make young women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

I launched Sultry Lash Bar back in May 2021 when still being at university with just a small budget, as a makeup artist I always loved how lashes completed a look however not all of my clients suited the same style lash as I worked with many different eye shapes therefore this inspired me to create lashes to suit all. I've always loved how I could make someone feel more confident/different after applying lashes, which is our primary goal as a brand.

Releasing the impact lashes could have someones confidence, I began to research into starting up my own brand and being diverse. Fast forward a year and a half, and we have over 50k+ TikTok followers and have moved into an office space as our stock has grown. We have big goals to reach, and I'm excited to see where Sultry goes.

From beginning to end, my goal is to provide you with the most personalized, high quality, and exciting experience possible! If you have any questions or are looking for lash recommendations, I'd be happy to assist you!